Being a teenager is one of the most difficult times in a person's life. Insecurities about who you are, the crazy experience that is puberty, and where you fit in at school or life are just a few reasons why therapy might be helpful for adolescents going through this difficult transition. can be one of the most challenging times in a persons life. You are trying to find freedom and independence, yet still need guidance. Insecurities about who you are, the crazy experience that is puberty, and where you fit in at school or life are just a few reasons why therapy might be helpful for adolescents going through this difficult transition. Having someone to talk to that is not your parent might help you feel safe to share, but caregivers can be encouraged that as your  therapist, I have your child's safety and wellbeing at the utmost priority.  

  • Teen issues: Social Problems, ADHD, Bullying, Parent/Child Relationship, Defiance, Depression
  • Anxiety: Trauma, PTSD, Loss of a Loved One, Grief, Victims of Abuse or Domestic Violence
  • Body Image Issues: Low Self Esteem, Disordered Eating, Self Harm issues, Addiction
  • Couples Work: Premarital Counseling, Marital Therapy, Creating a Successful Divorce
  • Family: Blended Familes, Families in Transition, Immigrant Families (Hablo Espanol)



Unfortunately, as we get older, we have more stress and painful experiences in our journey. Also, in this day and age, people pack their schedules with so many activities and obligations that it's no wonder people are more stressed (with all the physical problems: headaches, GI issues, and heart problems to prove it).You may be asking, "why, then, would I add one more thing to my plate?" Because therapy is a place that is for you, and no one else. A place of safe, peaceful, restoration. You can learn how to take care of yourself, and start working on the issues that add to the stress of your life. For a list of the common issues I work on with clients, please see below. When I ask clients why they like therapy, they often say, "This is the only place I can breathe, not worrying about my To-do List or comparing myself to other people. It's just 'Me Time'." That's what I call success.

These are the Common Issues I  work with in Therapy:

Family members can be the people we love the most and equally be the people that drive us the most crazy. Sometimes, there are hurdles that make family life more difficult such as moving to a new city, a death or trauma in the family, or when the family is blended after divorce. Change is really difficult on Families. Parenting under stress and change is also very difficult, so as a therapist I can be an external set of eyes and ears to better understand what is going on and advising you on strategies to make positive change in your family. I have 6 years of experience working with Immigrant families with a mix of Spanish and English speaking. I am bilingual. I work from a family systems approach, which means I work with individuals or families to create positive change for the group as a whole. I encourage 75 minute sessions, as it is difficult to get enough work done in a regular 50 minute session.There will usually be homework for the families to do after sessions. 

All you need is love, right? Well...  that and good communication... and compatibility, a sense of humor, a patient and forgiving heart... just to name a few.  Being in love can be wonderful, or it can be heart-breaking. I have had couples I work with tell me that when they started therapy they felt lonely even in a relationship. In therapy, we work on rebuidling that connection where there has been disconnect. I help each of you hear the other person, express your needs and hear the other person's needs, so that we can start finding a solution. I also do premarital counseling to help talk about the issues going on currently, or even talk about common issues that often come up in marriage, so that each person can be more prepared for marriage. Lastly, when there are no other options, I help you create a successful path of divorcing with as little destruction as possible for yourselves and if there are children present.