Being a teenager can be one of the most difficult and insecure times in a person's life.  Still figuring out who you are and what you value, the crazy hormonal experience that is puberty,  where you fit in at school, and/or confusion about your future  are just a few of the reasons why therapy will be helpful for you as an adolescents going through this difficult transition. You are trying to find freedom and independence, yet still need guidance. Having someone to talk to that is not your parent might help you feel safer to talk about the tough stuff, and caregivers can still be encouraged that as your therapist, I have your child's safety and wellbeing at the utmost importance and priority.  

  • Teen issues: Social Anxiety, Bullying, Parent/Child Relationship, Depression
  • Anxiety: PTSD/Trauma, Perfectionism, Loss/Grief over a Loved One, Victims of Abuse/ Sexual Assault
  • Body Image Issues: Low Self Esteem, Disordered Eating, Self Harm issues, Addiction
  • Couples Work: Premarital Counseling, Marital Therapy, Creating a Successful Divorce
  • Family: Blended Familes, Families in Transition, Immigrant Families (Hablo Espanol)



As we get older, we have more stress and more painful experiences to count. Also, we somehow pack our schedules with so many activities and obligations that it's no wonder we are more stressed than ever (with all the physical problems: headaches, GI issues, and heart problems to prove it). You may be asking, "why, then, would I add one more thing to my plate?" Because therapy is a place that is for you, and no one else to gain peace.  You can learn how to take care of yourself, start improving issues, and alleviating stress in your life. Common issues I work on with clients are listed below. When I ask clients why they like therapy, they often say, "This is the only place I can breathe, not worrying about my To-do List or comparing myself to other people. It's just 'Me Time'." That's what I call success. A place of safe, peaceful, restoration.

These are the Common Issues I  work with in Therapy:

Family members can be

the people we love the

most or who drive us most

crazy. Sometimes, disruptions occur in the system such as a family death, moving to a new city, an unexpected trauma, dealing with divorce or blending new families, or even just having kids or parents stepping into a new life-stage. Simply stated, change is difficult. Parenting during these stressful changes is also very difficult, so as a therapist I can be an external set of eyes and ears to better understand what is going on and advise you on strategies to improve struggles in your family life. I work from a family systems approach, which means I work with individuals or families to create positive change for the group as a whole. There will usually be homework for the families to do after sessions. 

                                                                   All you need is love, right?                                                                     That... and good communication,

                                                           compatibility, a sense of humor,

a patient and forgiving heart... just to name a few.  Being in love can be wonderful-- or it can be heart-breaking. If you are feeling lonely, even in your relationship, we will work

on rebuidling that connection, where there has been disconnect. I will help each of you express your needs and hear the other person so that we can start finding a

solution together. I also do premarital counseling to talk about common issues that often come up in marriage, so that each person can be more prepared for this next

major step of commitment. Lastly, when there are no other options, I help you create a successful path of divorcing

with as little destruction as possible for yourselves (and your children). 




My ideal supervisee is someone who is eager to learn, already has a few solid ideas about their own theoretical orientation and ideal client, and is not arrogant or too over-confident.  The reality is we must know when something is beyond our limits; we must be able to ask for help. The phrase "I don't know, but I'll find out", really is okay to say in session. We can find the answers together. 

-In supervision, we will explore you as a therapist, problem solve your difficult cases, and hone in your therapuetic skills. While you are getting your hours, you will have me as a support and an adviser. I will help you develop your own self trust and confidence. I desire to work myself out of the job with you- that you feel so confident, you won't need me anymore!

-I use both group and individual models of supervision.

-Please email me directly if you would like to discuss becoming a supervisee of mine to discuss pricing and schedule.